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A Double Doodle Surprise!

We have, yet another, exciting *surprise* announcement to share with you…

We have a brand new litter of Double Doodles!!!

That’s right – last week was one VERY exciting and meaningful week for our family as we welcomed two beautiful litters just days apart!

In the early morning hours of November 14th, our AMAZING momma dog, Finley, so stoically birthed five beautiful babies – 4 beautiful girls and 1 precious boy!

We are, once again, SO very proud of our sweet momma Fin and are already so very bonded with her sweet little ones…

A Surprise?!??

To make a very long and complicated story short, our sweet momma dogs went into heat on the exact same day, back in early September. And last year, the very same thing happened and we did, in fact, intentionally chose to breed them both at the same time – hence, our 19 puppies last year winter:)

But that was not our intended plan for this fall/winter as we were simply planning to breed just Piper and skip Finley’s heat this time around. And yet, that was not what ended up happening, much to our surprise and shock, and here we are now with two new litters once again, born just days apart. 

Take a peek at some of Finley + Scout’s most adorable pups, born Last November…

Aren’t they CUTE?!!!

How to Adopt One of Finley’s Pups…

Since Finley had five sweet pups, we’ll only be accepting five sweet families to adopt this extra-special gang…

And they are extra special because this is Finley’s last litter before she will be officially completing her beautiful and abundant mothering journey. Our family is SO very proud of her and love her so very much!!!

These sweet ones are Standard Double Doodles (Goldendoodle + Labradoodle) from Finley and Scout and are mostly white, cream, and dusty golden in color and will weight between 45-60lbs full grown. 

So if you’re interested in getting one of these sweet little ones into your arms by early January, then do reach out sooner rather than later, after taking these simple steps…

1. Complete a puppy application

2. We’ll contact you by phone as soon as we can to get to know you + confirm your commitment as well as get you scheduled for your 1st puppy visit in mid-December! 

3. Mail-in your $300 puppy deposit to seal the deal and save your spot!

4. Come to our home, meet us, our mommas and adorable puppies!

We are currently scheduling first visit appointments to meet our sweet momma and babies on Sunday, December 15th, just before Christmas, so please do respond sooner rather than later!

And finally, these sweet ones will all be ready to go into their forever homes on the weekend of January 4th/5th – hooray!!! 

As always, please feel more than welcome to reach out to us with any questions you might have! And do expect lots of cuteness overload via our website + socials in the days ahead…

With much love from our family to yours,

The Gibson’s

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