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And Then, There Were Three Goldendoodles…

This week, both of Finley’s girls found sweet families to call their own leaving just three Goldendoodle boys left who are still looking for theirs.

All three little guys are very different from each other both in personality and looks. And so, we took some sweet photos – just this morning – that we’d like to share with you…

Yellow Collar Boy

This little guy has such a unique look about him with light blue eyes and distinct red markings under his eyes, that you’d notice almost immediately amongst the rest of the bunch. He is our darkest and curliest puppy left as well as the most mellow little fellow who is very snuggly and sweet. We can easily imagine him becoming someone’s dear companion and faithful friend.


Red Collar Boy

This little buddy is our playful one who enjoys fetching (already!) and wrestling with his siblings. He has an athletic look about him and resembles his dad, Sam, the most. He has always been our lightest boy with the straightest coat as well as the only puppy left with dark eyes and nose. We think he’d make a great park or field buddy to an active family or individual.






Green Collar Boy

This handsome boy also has light blue eyes and a lighter nose with darker shades of color around his head yet a lighter coat, overall. He has a very recognizable personality, being curious and friendly to everyone he meets. Yet, don’t let his playfulness fool you – he is quite the snuggler! We can easily envision this little explorer finding a sweet home with a family of hikers or world travelers, being their faithful tag-a-long.





If any of these little guys caught your heart or eye – please feel free to give us a call as we’d be more than happy to tell you more about them and us!

With love from our family to yours –

The Gibsons

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