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Meet Penny!

To all of our Doodle-loving friends,

This year has been nothing less than full of surprises, although, we wish more beautiful than heart-aching. But, we do have a beautiful surprise to share with you, one that we’ve been keeping for over a year now, that we hope brings a lot of joy to your heart and hope to your future – that there will be brighter days ahead.

Friends, we’d like you to meet our new momma-dog, Penny!

Now, before I tell you about this sweet little lady, I’ve got to give you a little bit of background…

Last spring, Chris and I were talking about what the future of Love Our Doodle might look like, knowing that our sweet Goldendoodle momma-dog, Finley, was fast-approaching our desired timeline for her well-deserved retirement. 

When it comes to breeding and puppy-raising, there are really only three options to choose from if you’d like to continue for any length of time: 

Option 1: Become A Kennel
Our Short Answer In Three Words: Never gonna happen!
Simply put, we’d never want or even consider that option as we wholeheartedly love just having our two girls (who are a big part of our family’s everyday life!) and hold the strong conviction that dogs (and especially Doodles!) are a pet that needs more love and attention than any others. One is perfect for some families, two is perfect for us, and others do well with three but past that, we really find it hard to provide the love and care required for these wonderful companions. And we think they deserve a family who believes in that, too.

Option 2: Re-Home Retired Mommas
Our Short Answer In Four Words: Over my dead body! (kidding, but not really!)
This is a very common practice for many breeders. Once a momma dog is “retired”, they choose to re-home her with a family who will continue to love and enjoy her for the rest of her years – whether long or short. And while part of me respects the decision to provide the sweet momma with a loving home, it honestly breaks my heart to even think about what it would be like for our family to “re-home” Piper or Finley after years of memories, bonding, and deep love. I couldn’t even imagine nor would I ever consider this option. Our girls are our girls. They’re absolutely part of our family and that’s that.

Option 3: Begin A Guardianship Program
Our Short Answer in Five Words: Let’s give this a try!
“But what’s a guardianship program?” – you might be wondering and here’s how it works: We partner with another family that we know and trust. They get a sweet female puppy to raise and enjoy as their own new family member as we simply get to play the proud “auntie” and “uncle” role, watching closely but on the sidelines. We build a relationship with that family over the first year with Doodles underfoot. Once their lovely lady becomes of age (over a year old), we decide together on when would be the best time to breed her and then move through the process of pregnancy, birth, and post-partum just like Piper and Finley – at our home, in our care, receiving lots of love from not only my family but the momma’s family, too. Overall, it’s a win-win. We still get to continue doing what we love – raising well-loved puppies for loving families – while still holding onto the ethics and principles that we feel convicted to.

So that’s where Penny came into the picture last spring…

Last June, I hopped on a plane and traveled 3000 miles to spend a weekend on the beautiful North Carolina coast to not only visit one of my dearest of friends but also to bring home one of her adorable Goldendoodle puppies.

And these are her three precious boys who are being raised in the very same way my children are – raising puppies together as a family! We couldn’t just get a puppy from anywhere. It had to be from someone we knew and trustest. Ashlee and her family take wonderful care of their Doodles. We were just so thrilled to be able to get such a lovely puppy from such wonderful friends!

After a wonderful weekend and lots of goodbye snuggles from the boys, I made the long journey home with Penny in my arms and back to my own family who quickly fell in love with her and gave her plenty of snuggles on our own couch… 

And now, this is the best part of the story…

Later that day, after enjoying all the snuggles, the kids and I got to personally deliver sweet Penny to her very excited and over-joyed, forever family. And after only getting to “meet” Penny through pictures and Facetime, it was love at first sight for everyone. What a memorable day! 

Penny’s family are very dear friends of ours. They are a young family with two kids (ages 8 & 5) who have provided a wonderful home and life for darling Penny in every way. We couldn’t have dreamed for anything more!

Penny is an F1B Goldendoodle who weighs-in right between Piper & Finley at 40lbs. She is super curly with a silky reddish-brown coat that is just so darn pretty!

(*Sidenote: This is her “quarentine hair” as her family says. With everything being closed for the past few weeks, she’s due to get a haircut this month! But I honestly love her long curls. SO cute!!!)

Penny is a happy-go-lucky Doodle. She always looks like she has a “smile” on her face! She is super snuggly and social, wonderful with kids and well-mannered. She just spent all of last weekend with our family and we simply fell more in love with her than ever!

And if you’re still reading, here is the most exciting news thus far:

Our daddy, Scout, also stayed with us last weekend and we anticipate a new litter of puppies by the end of JULY!!! We are SO excited and cannot WAIT to see how cute their puppies will be!

Once we confirm Penny’s pregnancy, we will send out an official announcement TO ALL OF THOSE WHO ARE CURRENTLY SUBSCRIBED TO OUR EMAIL WAITLIST with specific instructions no later than Saturday, June 27th, and will then start lining everybody up (per date of application) and will claim first deposits – so stay tuned!

If everything goes as we hope, this will be a litter of Medium Multigenerational Double Doodles (ranging between 40-50lbs full-grown, in many different colors we expect!) that would be ready for their forever homes around mid-September.

More exciting news hopefully to come your way very soon but until then, please feel more than welcome to reach out with any questions you might have and I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as I can!

With so much love from our family to yours,

Faith & Chris

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