Our Doodles

Our Doodles – The Momma’s



Lexi is our newest momma dog who also happens to be Penny’s full blood sister, just one year younger. Both Penny and Lexi come from the beautiful state of North Carolina and specifically, from my dear friend who breeds Doodles on the east coast. She is such a goofy and sweet Doodle! She lives with our dear friends up in Monroe and we are so excited to see just how cute her puppies will be!

  • Breed: F1B Meduim Goldendoodle
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Color: Dusty Amber/Brown

Finley – Retired

Finley is our “Nana dog” – always happy when everyone else is happy. She has such a laid back and mellow spirit about her, always tucking the kids in bed at night with goodnight kisses and cuddles. She loves going on hikes and swimming in lakes but her favorite activity is simply catching crumbs in the kitchen! Golden’s will always have a special place in my heart, thus, Finley is somewhat of a momma’s girl.

  • Breed: F1 Standard Goldendoodle
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Color: White with golden highlights
Goldendoodle Seattle
Labradoodle Seattle

Piper – Retired

Piper is our petite + fun-loving “adventure dog” who is always happy from sun-up to sun-down, whether rain or shine. She’s the perfect combination of both playful and sweet, spunky and snuggly, with an unforgettable personality, charming every person who ever meets her! She loves playing fetch and chase with our son in the yard and always ends up in her daddy’s arms like a baby.

• Breed: F2 Medium Labradoodle

• Weight: 33 lbs

• Color: Apricot

Penny – Retired

Penny is a happy-go-lucky girl who always looks like she has a “smile” on her face! She is super snuggly, social, and just wonderful with kids. She loves playing ball (almost obsessively!) and being a part of all the fun around here! Penny hangs out with us a lot but lives and loves life with some dear friends of ours who reside in Kirkland.

• Breed: F1B Goldendoodle

• Weight: 33 lbs

• Color: Golden Red


Our Doodles – The Daddy’s


Joey is a purebred standard Poodle, who came to us all the way from the beautiful Tennessee countryside from a very wonderful family. His father was a Parti-Poodle (chocolate with white spots!) and his mother, a gorgeous chocolate-coated beauty. Joey is friendly and snuggly, a big goofball who really isn’t aware of both his height and long-legs. He gets to live and enjoy life with a sweet friend of ours, who also just so happens to be the sister of Momma Lexi’s family!

  • Breed: Purebred Standard Poodle
  • Weight: 50lbs.
  • Color: Chocolate with a white chest


Scout is the son of Sam and Summer, my mom’s original doodle couple. Our family absolutely fell in love with him as a puppy, during a trip visiting my mom in the summer of 2017 and we spontaneously decided to take him home with us to be our future papa dog. Scout loves and lives with our wonderful friends in Kirkland (who used to be our neighbors) and is well-known as “Mr. Mayor” to all of his neighbors as he is such a friendly and social guy!

  •  Breed: F1b Labradoodle
  •  Weight: 45 lbs.
  •  Color: Creamy White

Sam – Retired

Sam is my mother’s original male companion and stud who has been apart of our family for the past ten years. He is calm in temperament and very affectionate. Sam’s is the father of many Doodles, who are always beautiful and have wonderful dispositions. He has been retired since 2018 and is living his best life with my mom on the Oregon coast.

  • Breed: Purebred Standard Poodle
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Color: White
Doodle Seattle

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