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Goldendoodles New Litter

Goldendoodle Puppies at Christmastime

If the Christmas season isn’t magical enough by┬áitself, then having puppies around sure makes it so!

Finley’s pups are now four-weeks-old and more adorable than ever!

Just this past week, we’ve noticed a lot of changes with these little ones as peeks of personality are starting to make their appearance, although, it’s still a bit too early to determine temperments and coats, just yet. But stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more details in the coming weeks, including more adorable pictures of course!

For now, we’d simply like to introduce our sweet gang to you…


Meet the Gang

Blue collar BOY

Red collar BOY

Purple collar GIRL

Green collar BOY

Pink collar GIRL

Yellow collar BOY

Orange collar BOY

Aren’t they just precious?!?

I foresee a lot of puppy snuggles by the fire for our family over the next month…

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