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Seattle Goldendoodle Puppies

Our newest Goldendoodle puppies have arrived just in time for Christmas!!!

Aren’t these Goldendoodle puppies simply the cutest??? AND, this is our very first time raising dark in color puppies, as we’ve only ever had whites, creams, apriots, and ambers in the past! Thus, we’ve decided to call these sweet ones our “Chocolate-Covered Crew!” While today was, in fact, Momma Lexi’s official due date, we’ve come to ackowledge that’s incredibly hard to predict when this sweet momma will give birth, as she is not the average Goldendoodle when it comes to pre-labor signs and symptoms! Lexi’s very first litter came surprisingly early, while her second litter arrived surprisingly late! But this time around, she came very close to her due date, in the early hours of Saturday morning. It’s actually a funny story. Due to the crazy wind storm, our power actually went out around 10:15pm on Friday night and did not come back on until roughly 1pm on Saturday! Of course, after all the pups were born 🙂

Thus, this was a “birth by candlelight” as well as iPhone light, flashlights, well, any light that we could shine over the whelping box, to make sure both momma and her babies safely birthed! It was a joy though, as Lexi’s family made it in time to see all the pups born, to share in the beautiful moments of cheering on our hardworking momma, and join us in welcoming these new, little lives into the world. The experience was truly meaningful, and is always something that we never take for granted (even when the power is out!). We are so very thankful for a safe & smooth birth for both momma and her crew of seven ~ 5 girls and 2 boys! That’s always our prayer and hope.
Goldendoodle Puppies Seattle

Goldendoodle Puppy Details

Joey + Lexi’s Litter
Breed: Standard F1BB Goldendoodles (85% Poodle + 15% Golden Retriever)
Mama/Dame: LEXI (Goldendoodle // Dusty Amber Brown // 37lbs)
Daddy/Stud: JOEY (Purebread Poodle // Chocolate + Parti bloodlines // 50lbs)
Colors/Coats: We have black + chocolate in color, both wavy and curly coats!
Expected Weight Range: 40-50lbs (full grown)

Birthday: November 5, 2022
Puppy Pick Day: Saturday, December 3rd 
Puppy Take-Home Weekend: Goldendoodle Puppies can go into their homes anytime between 12/26-12/31 (They’ll make the BEST Christmas gift!)
Total Puppy Price: $2,500 (And your $500 deposit goes towards this total!)

*Please note that we will not be breeding Goldendoodles again until at least late summer/early fall 2023, as we are going to give sweet Momma Lexi a much-deserved break.

Steps to adopt your Goldendoodle Puppy…

If you are seriously interested and/or ready to commit to adopting one of Lexi & Joey’s precious “chocolate-covered” Goldendoodle puppies, the first step is to complete a puppy application which you can find here. This simply helps us get to know you a little better as we truly desire each and every one of our puppies to go into a loving family.

Once you submit your application, we will call you within 24-hours. We’d to share a little bit more about us, our dogs, and puppy process as well as answer any questions that you might have! If we feel like your family is a good fit for this litter (and if you feel like ours is a good fit for yours!), we’ll officially plug you in on to Lexi’s current litter list! A $500 puppy deposit is due at this time, followed by scheduling your first visit at our home in early December to meet these sweet ones. You’ll also get weekly emails with tons of pictures, updates, and info to help prepare you in getting ready for your Goldendoodle puppy! 

We look forward to seeing and meeting the families who get to call one of these sweet pups their newest family member…

Until then, we’ll be snuggling and savoring these sweet days with our newest babes.

With so much love from our family to yours,
The Gibson’s

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