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Six Weeks Old and Almost Ready for Homes

Finley’s gang turned six-weeks old on Tuesday which means in just two more weeks – they’ll be ready for their forever homes!

This week, we celebrated with baths + de-worming + ear cleanings + nail clippings + and endless snuggles by the fire.

It’s been really fun to watch these little guys grow and observe their unique personalities coming out a little more and more every week. As of today, we still have five little ones who are looking for sweet families to call their own.

And so, we’d like to introduce them to you…

Pink Collar GIRL: Our Regal Beauty

This little lady is actually the biggest of the bunch! She is also our lightest pup and resembles her momma, Finley, the most. She has a dark nose + eyes with more of a boxy shaped face and is mostly easy-going. We think she’d make a lovely companion for just about anyone!

Purple Collar GIRL: Our Little Sweetheart

This adorable joy is about average in size yet has an extraordinary personality! She is slightly darker than her sister and has lighter eyes + nose with a more narrow shaped face. She is more playful than her sister, keeping up with her brothers just fine, but is really snuggly, too. We could see her with a family or an individual who is ready for a new best friend!

Yellow Collar BOY: Our Tough Junior

This little guy may be the littlest but he sure keeps up with the rest of the gang just fine! He is one of our darkest in color and curliest in coat, with beautiful blue eyes + a lighter nose and distinct markings around his eyes. He is equally playful and snuggly in temperament, making a great pal for anyone who might be looking for one!

Red Collar BOY: Our Dapper Athlete

This handsome fellow is our lightest boy with the straightest coat. He has a darker nose + eyes and a semi-boxy shaped face. He loves to wrestle and play with his siblings. We foresee a fun fetching companion for a lucky someone!

Green Collar BOY: Our Spirited Leader

This cute little buddy has the most outspoken personality of them all. He is undoubtedly curious and playful yet is quite the snuggler, too! He has beautiful blue eyes + a lighter nose with a more narrow shaped face as well as dark markings around his eyes. We can easily see him with a family who loves to hike and explore!


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