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Two Brand New Litters: Labradoodles + Double Doodles!

Happy Doodle December, Seattle!

We are THRILLED to finally announce some exciting news with you…

We have TWO new doodle litters!!!

Our sweet Labradoodle, Piper, birthed eight beautiful babes on the afternoon of November 19th – 1 lovely girl and 7 adorable boys – right on her due date!

Piper did an AMAZING job and is such a good little momma! And her puppies are simply precious!

And I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – to watch the miracle of life unfold before your very eyes just never gets old…


Piper and her pups had their first visit with our vet roughly one week back and we’re thankful to say that everyone checked out beautifully!

And over the past few days, her puppies have gotten even cuter and chunkier than before.

Needless to say, we’re simply in love…

And then, just three days after Piper’s little crew arrived and on Thanksgiving Day, our sweet Goldendoodle momma, Finley, went into labor to our surprise and a few days early, bravely birthing eleven gorgeous puppies – 5 precious girls and 6 handsome boys – a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget!

Finley is such a natural and caring momma! She truly seems so very proud of her darling little gang and we definitely made sure she got some turkey later that evening, after all of her hard labor!

We are also thankful to say that Finley and her pups saw our vet just this past week and everyone checked out wonderfully!

And now, the Christmas tree is up, the fireplace is on most evenings, and puppy snuggles are now a daily thing again.

Truly, our hearts and hands are truly full…

Available Puppies?

Originally, when we announced Piper and Finley’s pregnancies, via our waitlist/newsletter, we were not accepting new families at that time, as both of their next litter lists were completely full.

But we’re thrilled to say that since both girls had much larger litters than anticipated, we have a few more available slots for these two litters – YAY!

We have room for two more families for Piper + Scout’s Multigenerational Labradoodle puppies. These sweet ones are white, cream, and apricot in color and will weight between 35-45 lbs full grown. SO cute!

And we have room for two more families for Finley + Scout’s Standard Double Doodle puppies! And these little guys are mostly cream and white + golden highlights in color – so pretty – and will weigh between 45-60 lbs fully grown!

So here are the simple next steps to take, in order to get one of our sweet puppies into your arms…

1. Complete a puppy application (Already done this? Then just skip on down to step two!)

2. Contact us by email and simply indicate which litter you’re most interested in and we’ll get you scheduled for your 1st puppy visit! (And we always go in order of response + date of application received)

3. Mail in your $300 puppy deposit. To seal the deal and save your spot!

4. Come to our home, meet us, our mommas and adorable puppies!

We are currently scheduling first visit appointments to meet our mommas and babies on the weekend of December 15th/16th, just before Christmas, so please do reach out sooner rather than later!

And finally, these sweet ones will all be ready to go into their forever homes on the weekend of January 12th/13th! 

As always, please feel more than welcome to reach out to us with any questions you might have!

And do expect lots of cuteness overload via our website + socials in the days ahead…

Much love from our family to yours,

The Gibson’s

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