Puppy Application

Puppy Application

The puppy application is the first of 6 steps to take in order to get one of our sweet puppies into your arms:

1. Complete + submit a puppy application (Why do we do this? Simply because we like to get to know you just like you get to know us! Also, it’s always better to apply sooner rather than later as we use every date of application submitted to help us line up families for pick of litter.)

2. Sign up for our email newsletter + waitlist found on the home page of our website! (Don’t forget this step! This is where we send out any exciting news as well as begin interviewing + accepting applicants for our upcoming litter!)

3. Once a momma’s pregnancy is confirmed, we’ll send out an email (to those on our email waitlist!) to announce the exciting news + see who all is interested in the upcoming litter! (And we go by email response + date of application for a certain number of puppy spots!)

4. Once we’ve chatted + confirmed you’re on the list for the upcoming litter, we’ll send a confirmation email and your puppy deposit of $500 is due at this time.

5. When puppies are 4/5-weeks-old, come to our home to meet us, our mommas, and to pick out your special Goldendoodle or Labradoodle puppy! *$1000 is due this visit to reserve and hold your pick of the litter.

6. Around eight weeks old, Goldendoodle or Labradoodle puppies go to their forever homes (we are in the Greater Seattle area)! This is a fun and special day for everyone. The remaining *$1000 is due this day.

Love Our Doodle Puppy Application

1 Contact Information
2 Personal Information
3 Four-legged Information
4 Puppy Preferences
5 Terms of Commitment
6 Signature
    For our records and in order to respond back to you!