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One Final Goldendoodle Litter in 2024!

Happy New Year to all!

As our family looks expectantly towards lots of new changes and transitions that will be coming in 2024, we wanted to officially and publically announce some bittersweet news…

We will be hanging up our “puppy-raising, breeding hat” this next year. 

That’s right.

It’s been a really tough decision to make as we’ve truly loved doing this puppy-raising venture as a family. While in so many ways we’d love to continue, I (Faith) will be wrapping up grad school this next year and will be transitioning into a new field of work soon, which will bring me more outside of the home.

We are also hoping to do more traveling abroad as a family in the future as our children are getting older and as it’s getting trickier to plan trips around a mama dog’s heat cycle/due dates 🙂

But as sad as it is to see the closing of this sweet chapter for our family quickly approaching, we do feel only gratitude that we have gotten to do this for as long as we have. What an indescribable gift!

Here is just a small representation of the AMAZING families we’ve been blessed to work with, who have been the best of families to our beloved puppies…

With all that said, we are hoping to have one more F1BB Goldendoodle litter with Papa Joey + Mama Lexi this spring 2024 but that will be our grand finale.

Lexi is due to go into heat sometime in January or February and once she does, we will be sure to let everyone know the approximate timeframes and relevant info at that time. Stay tuned!

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Raising Doodles has been such an incredible adventure for our entire family. We will forever cherish every puppy we ever snuggled and every family who has loved them so well.

With so much love from our family to yours,
The Gibson Family

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