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An Update on Upcoming Litters – July 1st, 2020

Happy July, Doodle Loving Friends!

As we’ve received SO many applications, email inquiries, and phone calls over the past few weeks and have yet to respond to them all (just yet!), we figured we’d go ahead and post an update for everyone – right here and right now – until we do finally catch up with each and every one of you (which we absolutely plan to do!), eventually…

As of today, July 1st, 2020 – Our upcoming Medium Double Doodle puppy list for Penny & Scout, due later this month, is completely full. As this is Penny’s very first litter as a new momma, we are unsure, at this time, of when her next litter will possibly be. But we do look forward to seeing just how cute her puppies are and, of course, sharing their cuteness with you!

We are hoping to have a litter of Medium Multigenerational Labradoodles later this fall with Piper and Scout, and will announce that expectant litter as soon as we know for sure. So stay tuned!

And at this time, we do not have any plans on breeding Standard Goldendoodles over the next year.

If you are interested in getting one of our sweet Doodles into your arms at some point, the very first step is to complete a puppy application which you can find right here. This not only allows us to get to know you and your family better but also locks in your date of application which we go by when it comes time to choosing families for upcoming litters.

At this point in our puppy placing process, we continue to do our best to honor those who applied months back and have been waiting ever so patiently for one of our pups while also seeking to find the very best homes and families for our puppies, after chatting on the phone, sharing our story, and listening to theirs. This matters a lot to us.

As I am no longer able to call EVERY single applicant back like I always used to, I continue to email every single applicant with a detailed response about upcoming litters and am being more intentional about scheduling times to chat on the phone with those who strongly express interest. If we haven’t had the chance to chat yet, feel free to “bug” me or simply reach out and I’ll do my best to get back with you as soon as I can! But I will be honest with you, my two-legged family always comes first so thank you for your patience and grace as I seek to juggle this all well.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget to subscribe to our email waitlist once you’ve applied (which you can find on the homepage of our website!) as this is the first and primary way that we announce any exciting news that you won’t want to miss!

We hope this all makes sense but if you have ANY questions regarding this information at all, please feel free to reach out to us as we’d be more than happy to answer those questions for you!

In closing, we just want to say that we are SO very blessed with too many wonderful families knocking at our doors these days and feel extremely honored by each and every one of you – for your interest in our Doodles, for the trust you give us, and for the opportunity to raise a sweet puppy for your family! It is nothing we ever take for granted so from the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU!

Our family

With SO much love from our family to yours,

Faith & Chris Gibson – Love Our Doodle

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